Hacking Simulator 2017 is an Open World
Online Hacking Simulation Game.

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Latest Edition

Download Version 117 - 79 MB - February 2017

New Server for 2017.
New in 117
HackStore Upgrades - Source Code Protection
New in 116
HackStore, Script and Tool Downloads, database_save_secure()
File Explorer, SEC-REF, Server Recovery
New in 115
Non-rectangular Tools, home_ip_renew(), Server File Systems and Functions,
Hack other players, Faster Code Editor


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Hacking Simulator is a free online Hacking Simulation Game.

Hacking Simulator has revolutionized the industry.


    D A R K   S I G N S

Dark Signs 2017

Dark Signs is an online console based hacking simulation.

Dark Signs was developed immediately before Hacking Simulator 2017.

Download Dark Signs 2017 - 50 MB - February 2017


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